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On this platform you will find international Christian student exchange and study programs that are offered by Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities. By using the free search function, you can get an overview of all the incredible places that are opening their doors to Christian exchange students. As you view their videos, PDFs and/or slideshows, you can get a feel for the various Christian education institutions. Our unique site allows you to compare all these options at your fingertips, enabling you to select the best place to suit your interests and needs. We trust that you will find what you are looking for!

If you would like to advertise your Christian school, college or university study or exchange program, please click on the 'Register' tab above and follow the instructions. You can also email success stories or testimonials to Nerina Mills at info@icsesp.org and they will be published on our site and other social media platforms to draw attention to what you offer. The ICSESP offers Christian educational institutions a tool to display and promote your Christian student exchange or study program at a low fee. Sign up before 31 December 2017 and you will get the 3-month advertising plan for free! (Once the 3 months have passed, your account will end automatically)
School Advertising Plan: 6-month plan is €4.95 and 12-month plan is €9.95 (€20 Euro less till 31 December!)
College Advertising Plan: 6-month plan is €4.95 and 12-month plan is €9.95 (€20 Euro less till 31 December!)
University Advertising Plan: 6-month plan is €4.95 and 12-month plan is €9.95 (€20 Euro less till 31 December!)

Parents and students worldwide can get an overview of your institute when browsing our web page, so use this unique platform to introduce them to your Christian Exchange or Study Program and give them a feel for the kind of establishment that they can expect if they choose you! Use this opportunity to impress parents and students, thereby increasing the success of your Christian exchange or study programme. We are confident that you will receive a good response! 
The founder of International Christian Study Exchange Student Program has also founded the charity, Change-Through-Education.org. This charity is a Tax Exempt Charity under the State of Lower Saxony Germany. For any payment that you make towards ICSESP, 10% will be directly given to this charity. To find out more about where and how this money is spent, please visit the Change Through Education website:www.change-through-education.org


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